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Incredible Artisan Chocolates & Gourmet Delights

The Farris Wheel specializes in artisan chocolates and sweet treats. Choose from over 400 varieties of fine chocolates at our store in Wichita, Kansas, or shop in our online store today. Our unique treats are hard to beat.

Our Chocolate Selection

Chocolate plays a starring role in most candy stores, and that's also true at The Farris Wheel. We feature an impressive selection of chocolate confections. Rediscover your old-time favorites, or try new gourmet delights made by Asher's Chocolates, Abdallah Candies, and Bedré Chocolates.

Peanut Clusters

Shipping Chocolates

Please note that from May through October we do not accept shipping orders for chocolate products. Unfortunately, chocolate does not travel well in the Kansas heat. Please visit our retail store in Cambridge Market during the warm summer months to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

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